In a Hurry to Sell Your Home?

When you decide to sell your home, you have several choices, and each has its pros and cons.

You can:

  • Try going For Sale by Owner
  • List traditionally
  • List with the aim of selling quickly to investors
  • Sell directly to an investor

For Sale by Owner: Not a good choice if you’re in a hurry. If you offer your house For-Sale-By-Owner, you’re in for a lot of work and perhaps an extended time on the market. You won’t pay a commission but will still pay closing costs. You could also lose in other ways. For instance, by not knowing the true market value of your home, how to properly market and selling too low.

A Traditional Listing: This is the route most home sellers take, simply because it works. A professional real estate agent will help you set the price at fair market value, take care of all the marketing, help you negotiate, and handle the numerous details that will need close attention.

To get top dollar, you’ll need to put your home in top condition. You may also have to keep the house show-ready for a good number of showings.

In some communities, a sale can happen in a matter of days, but unless the buyer has cash, you’ll still have to wait for closing until after inspections, the appraisal, and the completion of bank financing. And yes, you will pay a commission plus closing costs. Depending upon the market in your community, you might also pay part of the buyer’s closing costs. Should problems come to light during the inspection, you may need to pay for repairs.

Here in the area that I live in, the average days on the market for listed homes is 64 days. This can be higher or lower depending upon factors such as the price and condition of the house.

Listing With The Aim of Selling To An Investor: In this case you won’t worry about repairs and the number of showings will be minimal because your agent will be marketing to a known list of real estate investors. A benefit is that the closing could happen quickly. Investors with cash don’t need appraisals and they generally do their own inspections. You will pay a real estate commission and closing costs, but no repairs and no concessions to the buyer.

Selling Directly To an Investor: Many of us no doubt gotten letters from them. They’re honest about paying less than market value because they’re either buying to fix up the house and make a profit on the resale or buying for rental purposes. You won’t pay a real estate commission and, in some cases, won’t pay any closing costs. Some investors will view your house, make an offer within a day or two, and close within a couple of weeks.

The bottom line for home sellers: Hire a Top-Notch Sales Agent. If you want someone on your side who knows the local market, who will give you honest answers, and will work exclusively for your benefit during the sale of your house, you need your own agent; price of your home is the next important thing to consider in order to be able to sell your house quickly; make sure to hire a professional who specializes in photographing homes. Your home photos that you publish with your home’s listing should impress the viewers; another thing to do to sell your home in a hurry is offer assistances of value such as help to purchasers on closing cost, prepay taxes, etc. 

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