Six Things to do Before Selling Your House

March 1, 2019

Six Things to do Before Selling Your House

Whether you are selling your home by yourself or using a real estate agent, if your house has not been prepared for showing, people will skip and rarely will be interested to see the inside. The big part of selling your home successfully depends on how well you have prepared yourself and your home.

So, it is important for you to have an idea what to do, at a minimum, to make the house ready for showing. You may have sold houses before, or not. When you are living in the house for a long time and get used to the looks of the house’s interior and exterior, it’s difficult for you to assess your own home. Especially for the purpose of getting it ready to put on the market and ready for prospective buyers to come and visit your house.

Many basic recommendations include- decluttering, removing family photos, cleaning out closets as well as cleaning. In addition to the above, I suggest the following bare minimum steps to help you sell your home faster:

  1. Check out Your competition on the market: I mean actually go into the houses and see how they have prepared their homes. Some houses may be professionally staged, some may not be. That doesn’t matter. Your purpose in checking out other houses on the market is to get ideas to utilize in your home to prepare the home for sale.
  2. Have the interior clean and well lit: Yes. Raise Up The Lights. Bring up the window shades so light can enter. Your home will look good with lights. You may be ok with less light, but the buyers may not be.
  3. Make your home smell great: Every home owner wants their home sold faster and make good money. But it takes effort. One thing you can do is make the home smell good.
  4. Don’t forget the outside: Clean up the yard, take care the landscape, Wash the windows inside and out. Pressure wash and spray down sidewalks and the exterior.
  5. Have photos made professionally: It is the topmost method to influence buyers from the very beginning. Homes listed online with bad pictures can cause buyers to ignore your home.
  6. Find a great real estate agent. Thinking that you can sell your home by yourself and pocket the cash you would otherwise pay an agent can lead to a disaster, financially as well as emotionally. Knowing what to do, when to do and how to do are critical.

When you’re in need of professional help in selling a home in Delaware, call me. I’ll be glad to guide you every step of the way.

Posted by Seesan, REALTOR
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